.NET + Angular Developer freelancer

Atiol Raphael Dario , Turkey

.NET + Angular Developer

€15-€30 hourly

About me

Solution-driven Software Engineer adept at finding solutions and determining customer satisfaction. Proven experience developing consumer focused web apps while meeting highest standards for web design, best practices, and speed.

My Skills

My work experience

  • Software Engineer at MC TEK - Contract 07-06-2020 - 05-06-2021

    Ankara, Turkey

    Contributed software engineering expertise in development of the products through the software life
    cycle, from requirements denition through successful deployment

    Built REST APIs in C# that served our mobile client which was used for reporting and querying data
    by over 4000 teams of 2-10 users

    Responsible for revamping DHSDS, a national project to encourage smoke free zones by the Ministry
    of Health, to enhance growing number of teams and data generated. Resolved back-end and frontend challenging technical issues as individual contributor, applying best practices and SOLID design principles.

    Decreased load time speeds by 30% after refactoring code and optimizing queries
  • Remote Front-end Engineer at Medical Departures - Employee 07-01-2019 - 03-31-2020

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Re-developed and optimized legacy web apps written in PHP to Angular.

    Wrote e2e tests using puppeteer.

    Collaborated with back-end developers to implement new features in accordance with industry best
  • Part-Time IT Consultant at Embassy of South Sudan in Turkey - Freelancer 08-13-2018 - 05-31-2019

    Ankara, Turkey

    Re-designed and re-developed the embassy website from scratch which led to increase in trac by
    Provided guidance in decision making about IT related topics

    Provided training to sta on the use of security software and management of information on the

    Maintained all hardware used in the office.