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Our contractors are ex-employees of corporations with at least 3 years experience who want to capitalize their skills and provide best solutions for your product & business.

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Where Our Freelancers Come From

We try to expand as much as possible globally and we have freelancers from same country where client is. Most positions are full remote but there are also positions where our contractors must be onside or relocate.

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About +1 Freelancer for your team

In this era the speed is an important factor, our platform comes with certain advantages to streamline waiting times and talent search.

For hot positions

We have candidates who are waiting for the next challenges and can be hired as soon as possible

Top Talents

We have created an automatic process through which each freelancer must pass certain tests. Thus the contractors are evaluated and are chosen the best

We are constantly growing

Due to the fact that more and more employees choose to take the step towards freelancing, our platform grows daily with new talents.

A simple process

Simplicity is the key to success. Our processes are easy to intuit and friendly. We don't like to get lost in details.

How +1 Freelancer can help you

Below are some of the scenarios through which the +1 freelancer service can help you. Let's discuss the details and find the best solution

Grow your team

Rapid Prototype

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Increase productivity

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