Software engineer specialized in marketing solutions freelancer

Ionut, Romania

Software engineer specialized in marketing solutions

€30-€60 hourly

About me

Every marketing software has its own needs. Managing a profitable business myself, I am already comfortable understanding objectives, meaning you can delegate to me expected results instead of the usual and time-consuming task lists. I will be responsible for gathering all the information I need in short and objective-driven meetings with you. Even if it can seem that a question is asked multiple times, it will be part of my process. This way, I won’t start a project until I know how to finish it, and I’ll know how to continue instead of being stuck.

Starting with the definition-of-done as a first step, you will work with someone who thrives to understand, profile and solve real life problems. Giving value through my solutions it’s a top priority for me. When I resolve one problem it’s a win for your business, but also a big victory for me.

Personally, I have a passion for understanding the business’s requirements, understanding industry specifics that can differentiate a business. If you work with me, you will have aside a fast and, determined learner, who loves to teach himself new technologies and programming languages, new business flows, and new business models. I am able to adapt very well to any marketing software's needs, and its technology stack.

My philosophy is that if I don’t continuously progress and adapt, then I regress, and this is not an option. That means especially the growth of your business, not just mine.

P.S.: my complete tagline is: Software engineer specialized in marketing solutions, passionate about business models, and enabled to explain what I code. So feel free to send me a message, I love to talk business.

P.P.S.: Only interested in contract-based remote work, not careers. 💻

My work experience

  • Full stack Web Developer at Bento - Employee 11-05-2018 - 06-16-2022

    Remote, Bucharest

    Updated old, improvised synchronization system to a WebSockets one, SignalR, improving the data sync speed up to 30x faster.

    Optimizing code, reducing reading and writing speeds by up to 1/3 of the initial speed.

    Mentoring colleagues on software development and understanding the patterns and architectural decisions from our project

    Implemented a UI report screen where several datasets from several APIs are interpreted and displayed together.

    Debugging and solving critical bugs, unblocking the clients in no time.
  • Mentor at Ionut Preda - Freelancer 08-10-2020 - 07-09-2022


  • Mentor at Ionut Preda - Freelancer 08-10-2020 - 06-16-2022


    Mentored over 30 people on becoming Junior Web Developers, helping them to create web applications with Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, NodeJs, and MongoDB.

    Created dozens of tutorials and articles about Web Development, focused mainly on the Javascript ecosystem.

    I implemented the marketing for this project: funnels, ads, creatives, copywriting, video editing, etc.
  • SQL Developer at TOTALSOFT - Employee 01-10-2017 - 01-10-2018


    Made DB-First SQL Server implementation to various clients.

    Solved production problems like: errors in reports, not working servicses, faulty stored procedures.

    Made stored procedures, reports, optimization queries, debug on fine SQL problems.
  • Software Consultant at Bento - Contract 02-16-2020 - 02-17-2022


    I work as a contractor / freelancer, implementing marketing software solutions for agencies.

    I develop web applications using Angular, Javascript, Boostrap, C# .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, SignalR, MS SQL Server, GIT, Jira, but open to work with similar technologies.