Senior Software Engineer freelancer

Gustavo, Brazil

Senior Software Engineer

€15-€30 hourly

About me

A tech-lover that just want learn more every day. I've been started my career almost 11 years ago, seeking excellence wherever I go.

My work experience

  • Software Developer at KP Consulting - Employee 01-03-2010 - 11-27-2011


    Analysis, help desk, Requirements elicitation, maintance and development of softwares to civil construction market using Scrum and Web
  • Software Developer at Informa Automação de Emissoras - Employee 12-01-2011 - 10-21-2018


    Analysis, Requirements elicitation, maintence and development of softwares to broadcasting using multiplataform technologies. Highlight to
    cloud solutions.
  • Instructor at Kees Informática - Contract 02-03-2013 - 08-15-2016


    Teacher in certification course: Certification: TS 70-515 Web Applicatons Development
  • Software Engineer at Omnigo - Contract 10-21-2018 - 05-05-2021


    Analysis, requirements elicitation, maintece and developmento of mobile software in Xamarin. Working side-by-side with DevOps in CI/CD
    and architecture of new solutions.