Full-stack Web Developer freelancer

Emeka, Nigeria

Full-stack Web Developer

€10-€25 hourly

About me

I am an adaptable professional with a passion for solving problems through tech. I have experience working with Ruby and Javascript, with the ability and drive to learn more. I always look forward to building my professional career by working with a team and facing challenges that help me grow.

My work experience

  • Full-stack Web Developer at Andela - Employee 08-06-2018 - 09-30-2020

    Lagos, Nigeria

    Worked as a Full-stack Developer with a team to develop a web application that enables easier travel processes for company staff, as a lot of travels go on within the company.
    Also worked as a Front-end Developer for another in-house team to develop a web application that automates the engagement processes between the company and its clients.
    Worked as a Full-stack web Developer with one of the company’s clients (Liftopia, Inc.).

  • Full-stack Web Developer at Liftopia - Contract 09-03-2019 - 06-23-2020

    San Francisco, California

    Worked as a Full-stack web developer in the engineering team, developing and shipping features both on the back-end and the front-end of the web application. Our main product is an e-commerce application that helps ski resorts worldwide sell their ski tickets online. We host a lot of cloud stores for this purpose.

    Collaborated with teammates in building features and working on the company’s goals.

    One of my numerous highlights was collaborating with a senior developer on the team to build a feature that gives users the ability to save their credit card details for future use. This feature was a success and generated good reviews from existing and new customers.