Full stack .NET developer freelancer

Svetoslav, Bulgaria

Full stack .NET developer

€15-€24 hourly

About me

There are two things I love about programming - the freedom and the building process. Why the building process? Because it is not just software that we build - we build a project, a business, a career, a professional network. And you can't build anything meaningful without working in a team, collaborating with many people. I enjoy being part of that process.
I like to have a full view, so I work as a full stack developer (.NET, ReactJS, MSSQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle, Rebus, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript). I have experience in complex and large-scale projects with a vast user base but I love working on small side projects as well.

My work experience

  • .NET developer at CNSys - Employee 06-16-2017 - 06-30-2021


    Full stack web development of large-scale projects like:
    - The Bulgarian Commercial Register and the Bulgarian Property Register - https://portal.registryagency.bg/
    - Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) Integration- https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_business_registers_at_european_level-105--maximize-en.do
    - Ministry of Interior System – web portal providing many online services
    ▪ Technology used:
    - Back end - .NET, .NET Core, Dapper, Rebus, Serilog
    - Data storage - MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle
    - Front end - ReactJS, TypeScript, webpack, mobx