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Dejan, Slovenia

Full Stack Developer

€22-€33 hourly

About me

Highly motivated, and very excited about new projects and challenges. Filling comfortable working in teams and under pressure, but able to finish project on my own from start to finish.
Enjoy learning new things and tech.
Sport and nature lover.
Chess enthusiast.

My work experience

  • Freelance flash game/web/app developer at Freelance - Freelancer 01-06-2007 - 01-06-2012


    Developing complete finished project in flash/air with as3.
    During this period I've published large number of flash games, that were created from scratch.
    I've created many smaller website with custom look and user experience.

  • Client app developer at Eurogame Industries - Employee 06-01-2012 - 09-22-2015

    Banja Luka

    Worked closely with backend dev team, because my main focus was creating services that rely on API.
    - Managing local database ( SQLite ) and synchronization with main server.
    - Managing real-time communication
    - Designing UI/UX that was scalable and adjustable to any monitor sizes.
    Bigger projects:
    - Multigame 10 ( SQLite , C# , Adobe Air )
    - Texas Holdem Poker ( SQLite , Adobe Air )
  • Backend Developer at Eurogame Industries - Employee 09-22-2015 - 06-03-2018

    Banja Luka

    Part of the team that was responsible for developing background services, microservices and monolithic services for gambling solutions.

    Bigger Projects:
    - Real time monitoring system for all services, applications that were a part of gambling solution ( C#, SQL , .Net )
    - Solution Administration - single administration solution for all services ( C# , .Net , SQL , CSS , HTML , JS , MVC )
  • Full Stack Developer at Sportlive - Employee 06-03-2018 - 05-31-2021

    Banja Luka

    Part of the team that was responsible for developing complete gambling solutions. Using
    ASP.NET for developing web application ( MVC, Razor, Blazor ), C# & .NET ( RestFullApi, Api's , Monolith Services , Microservices )
    MongoDB for primary data store,
    Redis for caching.