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Yamata, Japan

Frontend Expert

€40-€60 hourly

About me

Hi, visitors
I'm Yamata, senior Frontend developer over 10 years experiences.
I've built dozens of projects successfully and turned clients' idea to reality.
I'm ready always for you

My work experience

  • Frontend Developer at KR-Soft - Employee 05-01-2011 - 04-30-2016

    Hong Kong

    Oriented a team of 6 web development interns and trained them in internal web functions and how to detect faults in failing code

    Fixed bugs in existing websites and assisted clients in fixing problems in their website functions from the backend

    Consulted clients to determine their product specifications throughout the development process, increasing customer satisfaction by 19% and reducing rework costs

    Worked effectively in a team of five web coders to develop end-to-end web app development and saw client projects through their full lifecycle, thus ensuring 100% on-time delivery and working within clients’ budgets

    Assisted in improving clients’ e-commerce websites’ mobile-responsiveness and intuitiveness, leading to a 35% increase in sales generation

    Collaborated with the senior web developer to clean up processes, boost performance, and reduce downtime by 15.5%
  • Backend Developer at KR-Soft - Employee 05-01-2016 - 04-30-2020

    Hong Kong

    Designed and implemented web applications such as news sites and tools for online content editing for clients

    Developed fully responsive web pages for optimal user UX and offered debugging services to clients

    Collaborated with two other engineers to launch nine new business automation web solutions

    Deployed enterprise web applications and CMS-based applications using Symphony, Django, and other frameworks

    Updated website front and back-end to improve SEO and security using best practices

    Crafted intake forms using React.js to interface with Oracle for faster database infrastructure requests

    Worked as the on-call developer for six months, supporting five major clients with 2 web applications, over ten micro-services, and 18 external integrations

    Worked with a team of 6 developers in providing technical support to clients and answering any queries
  • Frontend Developer at MotionElements - Freelancer 11-01-2020 - 02-28-2021


    Worked as a frontend developer with nuxtjs for multimedia marketing website with SSR, SEO on aws.