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Emmanuel, Nigeria

Experienced Backend Developer

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Software should be easy and fun to use. It should make our lives better in all manner of ways.

My Skills

My work experience

  • Senior Software Developer at Health Station Limited - Employee 01-01-2021 - 05-11-2021

    Lagos State, Nigeria

    Leading the technology team in integrating more external systems into the existing HealthStation HMIS system.
    • Query optimizations for slow or badly written queries.
    • Working closely with the business team and QA to ensure the system is always operating at optimal level.
    • Analysing the business requirement to ensure it is in line with HL7 standard for systems integration.
    • Mentoring and guiding junior developers to make sure they understand the system properly.
    • Maintaining performant routine background services using HangFire and Coravel
  • Software Development Specialist at Health Station Limited - Employee 04-01-2019 - 12-31-2020

    Lagos State, Nigeria

    • Designed the clerking platform of the HMIS in such a way that it can take as many different type of clinic/specialty any
    hospital might have.
    • Designed the laboratory information management system .
    • Ensured reported issues from different clients are always given prompt attention.
    • Offering third level support to hospitals/clients.
    • Developed an integration system between the billing and payment system and some external payment providers for easy
    payment of bills.
    • Developed an integration system between the laboratory system and some specialized laboratory machines for easy
    transfer of results from the machines to the LIMS in other to reduce human error and increase system wide ef
  • Software Developer at Health Station Limited - Employee 05-01-2015 - 05-31-2019

    Lagos State, Nigeria

    • Designed and implemented various parts of the company's HMIS module.
    • Designed and developed the medical records modules.
    • Designed and developed the accounts and billing modules.
    • Designed and developed the pharmacy billing and stock management modules.
    • Developed different types of reports using Sql Server reporting and Crystal report engine.