English/Romanian translation and retroversion, proofreading, editing, online teaching. freelancer

Eugen, Romania

English/Romanian translation and retroversion, proofreading, editing, online teaching.

€11-€30 hourly

About me

BA in English and Romanian Languages and Literatures with a long experience in class and online teaching junior and adult classes.

My work experience

  • Senior Consultant at Tutor ABC - Contract 10-10-2018 - 11-30-2020


    The Teaching Consultant has been conducting ESL classes with iTutorGroup from 2016/10/10 to 2020/12/4. iTutorGroup is a global online education platform which provides language learning services online 24/7 everyday throughout the year. iTutorGroup’s consultants can teach from their home according to the schedule they choose.

    Eugen Bajenaru has completed 3284 Adult or Junior sessions (45-minute or 25-minute) with an All Session Average Rating of 9.65 out of 10.

    iTutorGroup appreciates the teacher’s contributions to the platform, and this letter of confirmation can be verified via teachersupport@itutorgroup.com with the Subject: Require Verification of Letter of Confirmation of Services Rendered.

  • Managing partner at Euromix / Turimpez - Contract 09-01-1992 - 03-01-2016

    Bucharest Romania

    Managing Partner, Executive / Sales and Administration
    • Creating and developing a national network of clients
    • Coordination of the sales division
    • Responsibilities in building up and motivating the sales team by providing information about marketing and sales tools.
    • Training of new employees.
    • Determine the organizational structure for sales and marketing department in cooperation with the management.
    • Permanent evaluation of sales team by analyzing sales reports, controlling the performance parameters and establish professional efficiency.
    • Carrying out activities which support the sales team
    • Search and maintenance of new markets and clients
    • Negotiating and signing the official contracts with the authorized distributors (commercial, operational and financial terms).
    • Supervising client’s liabilities and credits.
    • Planning and implementing the company’s development sales strategy.
    • Evaluating market trends and distribution developments
    • Developing and maintaining relationships with customers (direct sales channel), and with distributors as well.
    • Monitoring competition activities (prices, products, clients).
    • Correlating the marketing and sales activities, providing assistance for the logistic department.
    • Setting the sales targets for distributors and sales team and supervising goal achievements.
    • Preparing and forecasting import and sales activities.
    • Maintenance of a national network of more than 150 clients.
    • Contacting potential business partners in order to identify business and subcontracting opportunities.
    • Maintaining links and establishing contacts with external suppliers in order to provide an optimum stock for the sales department.
    • Planning a price policy able to maintain a higher rate profit of the company.
    • Maintaining the permanent human contact with clients in order to evaluate their needs and particularities on the one hand and to have a better approach on the other hand.
    • Permanent achievement and exceeding of the sales target plans and becoming noticeable competition in the market;
    • Achieving and controlling one third of the market-share for the similar imported products.
    • Promoting on the Romanian market an international A-brand article and achieving more than 90% brand awareness.